ACAR Maserati GT/GC GranTurismo / Quattroporte 2007-2017 Remoto Start Keyless Enter Button Start Smart Key


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Function Introduction:

1. Keyless entry: Close to the car to automatically open the door, remove the security.  leave the automatic lock door, set the security automatically.

2. One-button start: start and turn off by pressing the button;

3. Remote start: start the vehicle remotely through smart key, let the air conditioner start in advance, pre-cool/pre-heat the vehicle;

4. Open the trunk: if the original trunk is open automatically , the trunk can be opened by smart key

5. Emergency system: when the host cannot work normally due to the surrounding environment, the emergency system can achieve the same function;

6. Intelligent power saving: If the owner is not near the car within 24 hours, the system will automatically enter the power saving mode, in case the battery loses power;

7. Car washing mode: After entering this mode, the automatic induction function will be suspended, and the functions of manual switch lock and anti-theft alarm will be retained.

8. Manual remote control: This system has the function of traditional remote control. The car owner can lock, *, open the trunk and start the car remotely through the buttons on the smart key.

9. Intelligent anti-theft alarm: intelligent rolling code encryption (tens of billions of passwords), identity bi-directional authentication, vibration alarm function, oil circuit cutting, illegal door opening alarm, illegal ignition alarm, etc

10. Power off memory: When the system is powered on again, the system will return to its previous state

Product Advantages:

  • Use TI CompanyPKE case, and 3D (THREE-DIMENSIONAL) low-frequency antenna is adopted for intelligent key to ensure non-directional induction, stable induction distance .
  • Excellent power consumption control and automatic power saving function can completely avoid power loss caused by PKE, smart key at least than one year without replacing the battery
  • Imported ultra-small induction antenna, easy to install and looks more beautiful
  • Completely independent research and development, independent production, non-middlemen, non-oem, non-technical outsourcing, to ensure fast
  • Fast and accurate technical service, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

Technical parameter:

* Main engine operating voltage : DC9.0V~18.0V

* Average working current of LF emission: ≤30mA@12V

* LF induction distance: 2.0m

* Remote control distance: 30m

Working voltage of smart key: DC2.0V~DC4.0V

Standby current of smart key: ≤4uA@3V

Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃

Button start part

Low power standby current: ≤0.6mA@12V

Wide range of operating voltage: DC9.0V~18.0V

Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃

Provide four-channel 40A current drive: ACC、ON1、ON2、START



The installation does require a degree of DIY knowledge like all other in-car products. We highly recommend all items areinstalled by professionals.  We can offer supports for installation if necessary.